The transition into autumn also signals that it’s time to transition your look accordingly. As the leaves change and temperatures drop, we must pull our sweaters and boots from the back of the closet. In addition to a wardrobe change, it’s also a good idea to tweak your skincare and makeup routines as fall and winter set in. Not only will you be more comfortable and weather-ready — you’ll also have the opportunity to have some holiday-specific fun with your beauty regimen… the kind that only rolls around once a year!

Here are a few special beauty tips to keep in mind as you embrace the seasonal spirit from Halloween all the way into the New Year.


It’s the spookiest time of the year, and this season is everyone’s favorite excuse to dress up, try on a new look at that theme party, and otherwise push the boundaries of everyday beauty routines.

Complete the costume: Whether you’ll be donning a dastardly disguise at a friend’s murder mystery party or wearing a costume to work on October 31, the right hair and makeup ties together even the most average attire. Voluminous lashes are an essential finishing touch for many Halloween costumes. From quirky to flirty, try the following favorites on for size (just don’t forget those extensions!):

  • Marilyn Monroe, your favorite Spice Girl, or another starlet of your choice
  • A TV, movie, or pop culture character (such as Jessica Rabbit, Wonder Woman, or Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones)
  • Your favorite feline for cat-eyed glam (try a black cat or a tiger)

Mind your skin:
Though removing your makeup before bed is a fundamental part of any daily skincare routine, this step is especially important when you’ve been wearing a full face of heavy products. Most costume makeup and face paint is created extra thick for a bold and long-wearing look. Left to sit on your face overnight, heavy makeup will not only smudge off onto your pillowcase, stain your bedding, and leave you with racoon eyes in the morning — it can also clog pores, cause breakouts, and leave skin looking congested and dull. While lash extensions will eliminate some of the work by doing away with mascara messes, make sure to gently remove foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, and anything else you used to complete your costume.


What do you have to be thankful for this year? We’re thankful for beauty solutions that cut time, stress, and effort.

Long-lasting lip color: Between dad’s turkey and grandma’s sweet potato pie, you know to arrive at Thanksgiving dinner prepared to do a whole lot of eating. In addition to saving plenty of room for seconds and thirds, make sure your lip color will last you through dessert without budging or smudging. Try a highly pigmented lipstick labeled for long wear or apply a lip stain. Ideally, whatever product you use should be able to stand up to your napkin (without staining your aunt’s nice linen, of course!).

Travel-friendly beauty: Thanksgiving marks the beginning of holiday travel season. If you’ll be celebrating at a friend or family member’s home, pack a travel size emergency beauty kit to carry on the plane, store in the glove compartment on a road trip, or just keep in your purse. A small bottle or can of hydrating facial mist, oil blotting sheets, a powder compact, tinted lip balm, and some dry shampoo can go a long way to keep you fresh-faced (and free of greasy locks) on arrival. Bonus: with lash extensions on your side, there’s no need to contend with smudged mascara after your in-flight nap!


Yuletide cheer will have you smiling from ear to ear when you incorporate some fun yet practical beauty accessories.

Festive lash colors: Why not get lash extensions to match your favorite holiday sweater? We offer tinted lash colors for every festive occasion, including red, green, gold, and silver for the Christmas season. Colored lash sets are made from synthetic, cruelty-free fibers that look tasteful and feel natural. We apply extensions individually to each existing lash, so you can control just how bold you want to go — whether it’s a full set of color or a blend of tinted and natural-toned lashes.

Winter weather hacks: There’s nothing like a white Christmas… but seasonal snow, ice, rain, and wind are formidable opponents for your polished look. Fortunately, your eyelash extensions allow you to skip the mascara, so you won’t need to fret about dripping and running. Though this is the ultimate beauty hack when wintry weather hits, if you wear eyeliner or eyeshadow, make sure to complete the look with waterproof products (and bring an umbrella or hood when on the go!).

New Year’s

Flirty lashes and on-point makeup got you looking and feeling fine? It’s gonna be a great year.

Party-proof eye makeup: Mascara can run when you’re up partying past midnight. Eyelash extensions are your trusty beauty sidekick. Let loose, enjoy yourself, and ring in the New Year without frequent touch-up trips to the restroom!

Dare to sparkle: All things sparkling reign supreme on New Year’s Eve… from champagne to fireworks to that glittery party dress. Kick it all up a notch by adding sparkled or jeweled lashes to your usual set! Placed at the outer corners of the eyes, these are a sure way to brighten your complexion and accessorize with glitzy glam.