If you have short, thin, or pale eyelashes, trying to darken and bulk them up can be a time-consuming, expensive, and overall frustrating process. Especially in the notoriously rainy Pacific Northwest, attempts to darken and lengthen your lashes can fall flat, or worse, end up staining your cheeks and your shirt with runoff mascara.

Even the most expensive waterproof mascara may run when soaked by a torrential downpour, making it hard to justify the expense involved. Thankfully, semi-permanent eyelash extensions are an effective, simple, and moisture-proof alternative that can last a full month or longer without the wet weather risk.

Temporary False Lashes Can Be Frustrating

You only have to accidentally glue an expensive designer set of temporary false eyelashes to your fingertip, the back of your hand, or your bathroom counter one time to know how aggravating trying to put on your own false lashes can be.

Many people don’t have the patience or the manual dexterity to get them perfectly situated, which can also be embarrassing if someone else notices a gap between your natural lash line and your false lashes, or, heaven forbid, one of your temporary false lashes comes loose while you are out and about.

Eyelash Extensions Have Staying Power

Because they are semi-permanent instead of temporary, eyelash extensions can continue to look as beautiful as the day they were professionally attached to your lash lines. Instead of a large, bulky line of attached lashes, professionally placed lash extensions are installed individually onto your existing lashes. This allows them to blend more naturally with your existing lashes and ensures good coverage in areas where your natural lashes are missing or thinner.

Once they are in place, you can basically forget about them for several weeks, as you won’t even need mascara to make your lashes the star of the show!

Eyelash Extensions Are a Low Maintenance Beauty Option

Once you have eyelash extensions, you can forget about that mascara and eyelash curler. In fact, you should avoid both, as they can damage or tug off your eyelash extensions. Water-based mascara is okay, but waterproof mascara and heavy-duty removers can compromise the adhesive used. Lash extensions are also surprisingly affordable, especially compared to the expense involved in purchasing designer temporary false lashes and designer mascara. If you’re tired of running mascara and disappointing false lashes, it’s time to upgrade to eyelash extensions!