We love festive holidays and special occasions, and the more color and sparkle involved, the better. Now that we’re all partied out after Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day is our next reason to celebrate. We’ll already be donning our favorite green attire, but what about a unique pair of themed lashes to match?

No need to get pinched on March 17! Caroline’s Lash Boutique is offering green tinted lash extensions just in time for the festivities. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of lash options year-round, including seasonal and custom colors. Now is the time to get into the Irish spirit!

Each colored lash set is made of synthetic, cruelty-free fibers that maintain a natural and comfortable feel. Because our lash extensions are applied individually to each existing lash, you decide whether you want to blend subtle style into a natural-toned set or go all out with a full set of bold color. You can even up the ante with sparkled or jeweled lashes, which add flirty flair when applied to the outer corners of the eyes.

Our clients often find themselves approached by people who want to know what kind of mascara they use… but no additional makeup is needed to achieve a beautifully curled and colored lashline! Colored lashes typically last as long as standard extensions (as long as your natural lash life cycle), while sparkled tips last for 3-4 days. You can simply follow the same care tips you would after a standard appointment, though we don’t recommend vigorous combing for sparkled lashes.

Pencil us in on your 2017 calendar! We’ve got all your favorite colors for every holiday or themed special occasion: jewel tones for Easter and springtime; red, gold, and silver for Christmas and New Year’s; pink and purple for Valentine’s Day; and we’ve even got Seahawks blue and green so you can show your team spirit when NFL season rolls around.