Ladies love a little luxury, and we’re always down for something that gives our natural beauty a boost. Eyelash extensions do just that, by enhancing our lashes and making them stand out with glamorous, natural or even eccentric beauty. Here are some of the other top benefits of eyelash extensions…


Those drugstore extensions certainly won’t do the trick if you want your lashes to last, looking realistic and naturally beautiful. Your beauty is unique, and your eyelash extensions need to be unique, too. We custom-match and design each set of extensions to your own in color, so that your new lashes can be as thick and full as you would like.

Applied Individually

One-piece eyelash extensions are definitely not the way to go for long-lasting, natural-looking results! Our staff of professional lash extension ladies all know the art and technique of eyelash extension application, and each eyelash is applied one-by-one to your existing eyelashes. This ensures a much longer, more authentic look.

Long-Term Results

Since they are applied one-by-one by professionals, eyelash extensions from Caroline’s Lash Boutique can last up to 8 weeks! Of course, this depends on the life cycle of your existing lashes, and how you care for your eyelash extensions (click here for tips about that), but generally your lash extensions will last at least five weeks.


Feel free to pump iron, run a marathon, swim, take a shower, sweat – ahem! (We mean glisten, as we ladies do, of course)… all of the above can be done free of worry for your new lash extensions! Why? Because they are water-resistant.

Natural Look & Feel

You know how you can feel the thick, heaviness of false eyelashes? Eyelash extensions don’t feel anything like that. They are actually so authentic-feeling that you probably won’t notice any difference from before you lay down to get them applied to after getting up from the table with gorgeous new lashes. Not only do they feel natural, you can choose a style of extensions that looks like they are all yours! Shhhh – we won’t tell a soul.

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