Now that your lashes have reached new heights, it’s time to step out into the world to show off your bold look! Once you’ve left Caroline’s Lash Boutique, it’s important to maintain proper care of your extensions to keep them luminous long after your appointment. Here are some crucial tips for lash extension care:Our eyelash extensions

Don’t pick at lashes! This is lash extension 101: no pulling or tugging. When a lash is pulled out, the hair follicle (structure that grows the lash) can become damaged, affecting future growth. Lashes are the most delicate hair on your body, so they need to be dealt with gently—try to only touch them when brushing and cleaning.

Have a cleansing routine. We recommend washing your eyelashes every other day. Although you may think that avoiding contact is best, proper cleaning will make them last longer and prevent eye issues, such as:

  • keeping follicles healthy so they do not weaken or degrade
  • avoiding blepharitis—an inflamed, tender, flaky lash line
  • controlling demodex mites which thrive in unclean lash lines and cause a reaction similar to that of an allergy
  • reducing buildup of oils, makeup and dirt that inhibits the adhesive

Gently use an oil-free foaming cleanser without tugging on lashes. We sell some great options in-store, such as Fresh Start and Lash Fresh, that are specifically formulated for cleaning and conditioning extensions. If you want to DIY, simply mix water, baby shampoo and 1/8 teaspoon baking soda in a 2-3 ounce bottle.

Carefully work the cleanser into your lash line with the wands your stylist gives you to evenly distribute the solution to each lash. Once it’s worked in, rinse with water and gently pat dry.

Blow dry. Set your lashes back into place after cleansing by blowing them dry on cool/low for 30-60 seconds. This process removes water without contact and will actually protect your lash’s long-term health.

Any questions? Let us know in the comments!