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Top Perks and Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Ladies love a little luxury, and we’re always down for something that gives our natural beauty a boost. Eyelash extensions do just that, by enhancing our lashes and making them stand out with glamorous, natural or even eccentric beauty. Here are some of the other top benefits of eyelash extensions!

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Answers to Common Questions About Lash Extensions

With eye lash extensions poised to become the new mani/pedi, diving into the exciting world of waking up bright-eyed with gorgeous lashes every morning can feel intimidating. Here’s a list of the most common questions first-timers often have.

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Glam Up for that Special Day!

Calling all brides, graduates, prom-goers… There’s a secret sauce to transform you into GORgeous for your special day. Read on for our spoiler alert!

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How to Best Maintain Your Beautiful Lash Extensions

Those gorgeous lashes are so pretty you want them to last forever. There are many ways to extend the life of your lash extensions and with close attention to these easy-to-follow maintenance techniques, you’ll feel and look your best between your touch-up appointments.

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5 Gorgeous Lash Extension Styles

Got a hot date and want to knock his socks off? Go all out diva and request our “Glamour Set” for that over-the-top bold and glamorous look! If your feeling more humble, go with our “Signature Set” to add beautifully natural definition to your eyes. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to love the effortless charm that lash extensions bestows upon you…and your date!

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