Spring Makeup Tips for 2018

As you get ready to cruise into spring this year, ditch your wintry makeup routine and dazzle with a light, fresh look that’s more appropriate in the warmer months. Below are some tips from beauty professionals in the industry. Take what works for you and have fun creating a new look!

Eyelash Extensions Are Fun and Flirty

Why not dare to rock ultra-lush lashes? Seek out a local lash extension boutique for a professionally applied pair that’s sure to spruce up your entire complexion. Go for a natural look with individually applied mink lashes or throw caution to the spring breeze and go for a bold, dramatic look that’s perfect for prom, wedding season, and other glam events.

Less Is More this Spring

Heavy foundations are more appropriate for dry winter skin that needs an extra moisture boost. Toss yours and invest in a lightweight cream that leaves your skin glowing. Choose a product that also has SPF to protect your skin from the UV rays and make sure that the shade you select looks natural on your sun-kissed face.

Get That Dewy Look

While your moisturizer worked all winter, it might be a bit too heavy this spring. Many women find that they prefer a lighter serum to moisturize underneath their makeup once the weather warms up.

Go for the Gold

Be a champion of your own unique style and have some fun experimenting with gold highlighting powder. Add just a little shimmer or get your glam on with a dramatic dusting that will make you sparkle wherever you go.

Turquoise Is Spring 2018’s Trending Retro Color

In an homage to its roots in the groovy 70s, turquoise has made a splashy return in 2018. Use a pop of turquoise eyeliner to line your upper and lower lash line for a fun play on the classic smokey eye. You can achieve the same effect by gently applying a touch of turquoise eyeshadow with a makeup applicator, cotton-tipped swab, or your pinky finger.

A Pop of Color

This trend is gaining traction with celebrities as they step onto the red carpet this season. Blending a dot of shimmery color in the small corners at your inner eyes will draw attention to them. A little champagne or off-white highlighter can be pretty and subtle. Or, don’t be afraid to go bold with light, shimmery shades of pastel blue, pink, or even a pale orange when it’s time to step out for a night on the town.