Look out for cupid’s arrow! Love is in the air this time of year with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Whether you have a long-term sweetheart or will be flying solo on the day of love, there’s no better time than now to bat those lashes. Caroline’s Lash Boutique provides flirty eyelash extensions perfect for your date night. The following styles are our favorites for Valentine’s Day:

Flirt Sets

Obviously we recommend this style for Valentine’s Day. These natural-looking extensions will add subtle length and thickness to your lashes to enhance those beautiful eyes. Our flirt volume set includes 30 fans and 60-120 lashes per eye. The mixed flirt set includes 15 fans and 30 classic lashes. Both options will make you feel flirty and confident for your hot date!

The Glamour

Looking for a bold, daring style this Valentine’s Day? Our glamour sets will take your lashes to a whole new level. This style works best for people with naturally dark or thick lashes to really make your eyes stand out. Choose between our glamour volume set with 200-400 lashes per eye or our mixed glamour set with 60 classic lashes and 50 fans. Look out, boys!

Signature Sets

You can never go wrong with Caroline’s specialty signature set. This look is a happy medium between the glam and flirt, with slightly fuller extensions that create great length and volume. Our mixed signature set includes 40 classic lashes and 30 fans, or choose the signature volume set with 120-240 lashes per eye.

We’re so excited to now be offering volume eyelash extensions just in time for Valentine’s Day! All of our sets can be upgraded to volume sets if you want the same style with more “oomph.” Come get romance-ready at Caroline’s before your big date night!