Happy 2015! With the new year comes the perfect opportunity to freshen up your beauty routine, and one of the best ways to do this is with bold new lashes. Spruce up your glamour this year with eyelash extensions from Caroline’s Lash Boutique! Trust us, it will be the best beauty change you make going into 2015. Our professional extension services provide clients with natural looking, long lasting last extensions that are individually applied and custom matched to you. You won’t believe how eyelash extensions will help check off the other new years resolutions on your list: 

  • Never be underdressed. Of course added lashes can’t help with the clothing you’re wearing, but they can dress up your look without the need for added makeup. Even without mascara you will look and feel ready to go anywhere on a moment’s notice.
  • Always be on time. Don’t we all want to be more prompt? With eyelash extensions, you will eliminate the extra time needed to get ready. No more minutes spent applying mascara in the morning and again before going out at night—use these precious extra seconds to get yourself to your destination on time!
  • Be more confident. Believe it or not, beautiful bold lashes will make you more confident in the way you present yourself and how you feel internally. So go ahead, bat those eyelashes!
  • Make stronger eye contact. What easier way to check off this resolution than with stunning new lashes? Whether on a job interview, flirting with a cutie, meeting an old friend, or talking with a stranger, strong eye contact is a crucial factor of face-to-face communication. Lock eyes and show off your gorgeous new lashes.
  • Embrace natural beauty. Eyelash extensions eliminate the need for mascara, which will likely make you rely less on other forms of eye makeup. The custom-matched lashes are completely natural looking and feeling so that you can embrace what nature has given you!

Contact us at Caroline’s Lash Boutique to make your appointment and start 2015 with longer, luscious eyelashes!