The spooky, crazy be-costumed time of year is here, and there are so many costumes that could be oh-so-much better with eyelash extensions. We did some brainstorming, and thought of several categories and specific Halloween costume ideas which, if you’re doing them, should totally include extensions…

TV/Movie Characters: Eyelash extensions can instantly glam up your look, which is exactly what you need if you’re dressing as Jessica Rabbit, The Little Mermaid, Poison Ivy, or even Dr. Frankenfurter for Halloween!

Famous People: Celebrities from decades ago to today are at some times outrageous with their appearance, and sophisticatedly glamorous at others. Eyelash extensions help. This Halloween, your get-up for Marilyn Monroe, Cher, Lady Gaga, Posh Spice, Twiggy, and a Kardashian (including Caitlyn) should definitely include extensions!

Animals: Spice up a cutesy ladybug costume with some glam lashes, or bring in feathery beauty for a peacock costume with blue- or green-hued extensions. And of course, cat costumes! Whether you’re dressing as a tiger, witch’s cat or any other feline, those sexy cat-eyes could use the volume that luscious lashes bring to the table.

Dolls: Raggedy-Ann, Bratz and other doll costumes require a lot of vivid makeup to create an authentic look. Amp up your eyes with a glamour set of extensions to really doll-ify your look.

Another random fun idea that came to mind: Lingerie football league player. This one’s pretty easy for every lady to do, and fun, too – as long as you’re planning to go to an indoor Halloween party. Otherwise, you’ll probably freeze.

What’s your Halloween costume this year? If lashes could make it that much more authentic or outrageous, book your lash extension service with us ASAP, while we still have space available.

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