Calling all brides, graduates, prom-goers…

There’s a secret sauce to transform you into GORgeous for your special day. Read on for our spoiler alert!

The perfect solution to looking glamorous, eyelash extensions is a hot beauty trend perfect for anyone who wants fuller, more dramatic look without mascara.

Whether you want them for a wedding, graduation, any other special occasion, or because you hate mascara, lash extensions will give you that “Wow” factor with no effort on your part, eyelash extensions are as easy as getting your nails done!  The most amazing transformation you’ve ever seen!


There are many different looks that can be achieved with eyelash extensions. Your special day may call for a more expressive and vivid new look.

Eyelash extensions are made of a synthetic material and are attached individually using a specially formulated adhesive. Once applied, these lashes are so natural looking it is difficult to tell you have extensions. The result is simply beautiful!

Whether it’s your special day, or someone else’s, you should look and feel your absolute best! Special occasions give you the perfect excuse to pamper yourself. You’ll head to your event feeling and looking lovely!

Naturally, the most popular special occasion for getting eyelash extensions is a wedding. All brides wish to look their best on this special day, and eyelash extensions give them that little something extra! In fact, lash extensions are rapidly becoming a must-have as part of the dressing of the bride on the big day. The glowing bride will look her best, and not have to worry about smearing mascara all day. Bridesmaids and the mother and mother-in-law should join in too. All members of the wedding party will look their best!

There is no need to limit oneself to wearing eyelash extensions only for special occasions, however. Impress them during a job interview or when meeting with your clients. Having a polished appearance goes a long way to cementing that positive first impression.

So, go ahead and use your special occasion as your excuse for booking an appointment for eyelash extensions – the results will speak for themselves. You’ll fall in love.

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