The day of love is right around the corner, so what better time to step up your flirting game? Long, luscious eyelashes are the perfect accessory for some serious flirting. Caroline’s Lash Boutique offers the best in Seattle eyelash extension services, so come on in before Valentine’s Day! Whether you have a special someone or will be celebrating single’s awareness day, it’s always fun to flirt. Here are our tips for how to do it best:

  • Bat those lashes. This tip is of course our favorite. Use those beautiful eyes to your advantage! Lash extensions accentuate your eye color and shape, giving you a boost of confidence when locking eyes with someone of interest.
  • Make eye contact. Come on, show off those lashes! Keep your eyes engaged with the other person’s gaze to show that you’re interested. Looking away at just the right moments is all part of flirting, but make sure to keep eye contact for the majority of the conversation.
  • Don’t give away too much. Let the conversation flow without getting too personal right off the bat (of course, this is different when flirting with your significant other). Keep some things a mystery—your guilty pleasure, your pet peeves, your habits. This will make the other person interested and curious to know more about you.
  • Keep it casual. Just like not giving away too much, don’t let the other person get too personal either. Flirting should be fun and easy, so avoid tough questions that could put a speed bump in the conversation. First impressions are important, so if your chat goes well, save the personal stuff for the next time you talk.
  • Smile! Smiling will never go out of style. It’s so much easier to connect with people when they seem to be enjoying themselves. Show you’re interested in the person by smiling often—it’s your greatest accessory, and pairs perfectly with bold lashes!

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