Girls! Now is the time to feel beautiful and enjoy the warmth in Seattle in five easy steps. Follow this path of beauty services and you will be smokin’ hot for Summer!

1.    Amazing Lashes

Don’t want to hassle with your A.M. eye makeup routine for a while? Get eyelash extensions that last for 3-4 weeks and skip mascara! You will wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning. Extensions are so natural feeling that you can’t feel them at all. When properly applied by a professional stylist and well maintained, eyelash extensions can last up to two months. The lashes will stay bonded for the remaining life cycle of individual hair. Touch-ups are recommended after initial full set application to replace any lashes that might have fallen off.

2.    Control that frizz

Get formaldehyde-free treatments that tame frizz, while maintaining body, all summer long. Treatments like Keragreen take two to three hours in the salon, but will smooth your hair for up to three months. If you have tight curls, expect soft waves. All hair types can expect less frizz. For at home treatments, try DIY kits like those from KeratinPerfect, which works better on fine hair that gets frizzy or curly than on coarse curly hair. Results last about 30 days. Don’t try at-home treatments if you have “double-process” color or highlights. You’ll damage the color—and your hair. Do use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, like Aveda Smooth Infusion to preserve results.

3.    Believable Sunless Tan

Self-tanners are better-than-ever and will give you credible color for up to 10 days without the mess or stink of the older types. Pick instant-absorption formulas that soak right into skin so there’s no wait to get dressed. A hand-sprayed St. Tropez airbrush service is a great option. Wear dark, loose clothes to prevent stains. Be sure to do a test spot a few days before a big event and don’t skip sunscreen. Your “tan” won’t protect you!

4.    Silky smooth skin

There are new hair-removal lasers that work on all skin tones. Salon sessions are approximately 40 minutes, based on area ($200 to $1,500 per session). Two to three weeks later, regrowth falls out. Permanent results take four to eight visits. It’s an investment, but you’ll get a lifetime savings in razors. Another alternative is body sugaring or waxing. Either way, you’ll want to avoid self-tanner for 10 days pretreatment and don’t get hair removal treatments if you’ve taken anything that sensitizes your skin.

5.    A mani that lasts

Gel manicures dry instantly and stay shiny for two weeks and come in hundreds of shades. New LED light machines from OPI that harden polish in 30-second are in over 7,500 salons nationwide. The average price is $40 to $50 for a 45-minute manicure. For a good at home mani, try the Sally Hansen Salon GelPolish Starter Kit that mimics pro technology. Make sure you apply SPF 30 on your hands before going under salon LEDs. Don’t peel off polish as it will strip your nails. Removal is usually included in the gel-mani price.

Featured photo from Wikipedia Commons, labeled for reuse.