If you often buy false eyelashes at the drugstore before special occasions, it’s time to upgrade! Eyelash extensions offer a longer lasting and higher quality option to those cheap drugstore varieties. At Caroline’s Lash Boutique, we offer the best in Seattle eyelash extension services so that you can rid yourself of sticky, tricky fake lashes and live life bolder! Here are five differences between professional and false eyelashes:

  • Extensions are custom matched. Each set of our eyelash extensions at Caroline’s Lash Boutique is custom designed to match your own natural eyelash color and shape. You can decide how thick, curled and full you want your lashes to be. Your end result will be natural looking lashes that feel like your own! False lashes don’t offer the same type of customization.
  • False lashes look false. Just as their name implies, fake eyelashes don’t look natural. They look very obviously fake most times, especially if they begin to come off or shed.
  • Extensions last longer. They won’t come off when you shower or wash your face, while false lashes are very sensitive and easy to slip off. Your beautiful lash extensions will function just like your natural ones and won’t loose effectiveness from day to night!
  • False lashes can cause irritation. The adhesive strip used to apply fake lashes can create potential for eye irritation because of its contact with the eyelid’s skin. Applying and re-applying fake lashes over and over can create long-term damage to natural lashes. Sleeping in false lashes can even cause infections to the eyelid gland.
  • Natural lashes want extensions! Your real eyelashes can easily be stripped when removing fake lashes. Enhance your natural look with extensions that won’t affect real lashes, only make them bolder and more beautiful!

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