Like any cosmetic process, there are safety and sanitation precautions that are involved in getting eyelash extensions. At Caroline’s Lash Boutique, we follow a strict set of safety standards to ensure you are getting the cleanest, most sanitary treatment possible. There has recently been some news about the risks behind lash extensions, so we’d like to explain why you have nothing to worry about when you come to Caroline’s!

As a safety precaution, every station in our boutique is set up to required safety standards. Every staff member is a certified esthetician and trained lash technician who understands and follows our safety regulations very carefully. For example, we always sanitize each tool in between clients and wash our hands constantly.

People with new eyelash extensions often experience irritation due to a reaction to the adhesive or incorrect application. To address the former, we use top quality glues designed especially for sensitive skin that cause minimal reactions to the eye area. Long-term experience and careful selection have shown very little irritation to the glue we use to attach extensions. Secondly, we apply extensions one by one on natural lashes. Some inexperienced technicians make the mistake of sticking extensions on multiple natural lashes, which can cause bald spots by forcefully pulling on lashes that are not ready to fall off. Caroline’s eyelash extensions are applied 1 millimeter away from skin to that the glue doesn’t even touch your eyelid, which is another common mistake by a technician that can cause irritation to the skin.

After doing our part to ensure a safe and quality procedure, we give our clients directions for how to best care for eyelash extensions after the appointment. Following our recommendations, such as avoiding moisture and specific types of eye makeup remover, will eliminate the risk of irritation or extensions falling out prematurely.

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