If you’re looking for an exciting new way to step up your lash game, why not try a set of colored eyelash extensions? Perfect for summer fun, eyelash extensions are an accessory you can wear to the beach, in the water, or camping out, without any hassle. If you want to spice up your look a little, try out some colored lashes!

Here at Caroline’s Lash Boutique, we carry a variety of colors, including blue, pink, and purple. We also have sparkly eyelashes for really special occasions! 

Here are some ideas for where your colorful eyelash extensions would help you stand out from the crowd:

Summer Music Festivals

If you’re headed to a music festival, colorful eyelashes are the perfect way to show off your spirit, and if you’re camping overnight or staying in hotel rooms, you’ll be grateful you can tap into instant glamor without any prep!

Forth of July

Get some red white or blue lashes, and show off your patriotism! A set of blue lashes will look amazing on the 4th, and after the holiday passes, they’ll still just look fun and flirty! And a set of sparkly lashes will be breath taking against the back drop of fireworks.


Maybe you’re going to Cabo for a beach party that never ends, or backpacking through Europe. Whatever your destination, these lashes will help you brave a new place with a fresh face, and make memories that no one you meet will ever forget.

Come into Caroline’s to try out a pair of colorful extensions, and make your summer unforgettable!