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Whether you struggle with short, sparse eyelashes, simply hate putting on mascara everyday, or you want a glamorous look, there are several perks of lash extensions. These posts will explain more about eyelash extensions and how they can totally benefit and boost your look!

6 Ways Eyelash Extensions Make Your Life Easier

Eyelash extensions streamline your daily beauty routine, saving you time in the mornings and before events. With nothing more than a short appointment every few weeks, you can revolutionize your look and boost confidence about your appearance. Here are six of our favorite ways that eyelash extensions simplify life.

1. Don’t fret about mascara smudges

No one wants to worry about their mascara running in the middle of a big event such as a wedding, a work conference, or a date. With extensions, you won’t need to keep checking your eye makeup all day or night, because you can forgo mascara entirely! Your lashes will appear darker, longer, and fuller without any makeup, so you can enjoy yourself without stressing about raccoon eyes.

2. Look younger and more alert… without makeup!

When your eye makeup smudges or runs, it can leave you looking exhausted and rough around the edges. Of course, skipping mascara completely can also make you look tired, as short and light-toned lashes give the illusion of smaller eyes. Is there a happy medium? You bet! Eyelash extensions make your eyes look awake and leave you looking energized (and, as a result, younger!).

3. Simplify your eye makeup routine

From eye cream and primer to shadow, liner, and mascara, your eye makeup routine can quickly eat up a significant chunk of your morning. With eyelash extensions, your lashes are eye-catching and alluring from the moment you get out of bed… no mascara required! You’ll find your beauty routine is shorter and you’re out the door stress-free.

4. Extension appointments can be relaxing

You may feel rushed when you apply your own makeup. Whether you’re getting ready for work or primping and polishing before a special event, doing your makeup is just one more thing to worry about as you try to time everything perfectly and get to the office or venue promptly. Getting eyelash extensions can have the opposite effect. You’ll simply rest in a comfortable position while a professional tends to your lashes for roughly an hour or so. This is a great time to sit back and relax and can be a luxurious addition to your self-care regimen.

5. Extensions make your eyes appear brighter

You’ll find a range of subtle and dramatic color tones to eyelash extensions. You and your application specialist will pick the perfect pair to really make your eyes pop. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so play up this key feature with minimal effort!

6. Improved confidence in daily life

When your lashes are on point, you look and feel your best. When you feel good about yourself, you attract all the right kinds of attention. Eyelash extensions can encourage you to feel naturally beautiful and ultimately boost your self-confidence. You’ll go boldly into the world when you know your lashes are popping! Contact us to see the difference for yourself.

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The Difference Between Eyelash Extensions and Tinting

Are you craving longer, thicker eyelashes? Over time, lashes become naturally thinner and the growth cycle starts to slow. Mascara can help, but even the most high-end options only offer short-term benefits and require daily application.

If you’d prefer a longer-term solution, you may want to consider either eyelash extensions or eyelash tinting. While these two services offer different perks, they can each make lashes appear thicker and darker… for much longer than your average mascara.

The Case for Eyelash Extensions

Just like hair extensions, applying eyelash extensions involves attaching new fibers to existing hair. In this case, instead of clipping, sewing, or gluing hair into your strands, individual lashes or small clusters of lashes are carefully attached to your natural lashes or lash line.

Eyelash extensions typically last two to three weeks. They require roughly an hour for application. Clients can select the length, color and curl of the lashes, as well as the kind of fiber. Some people prefer natural, real mink lashes, while others opt for synthetic lashes. You can go for bold and dramatic or more natural, depending on your personal look. Once the extensions are in place, you won’t need mascara!

What Is Eyelash Tinting?

Eyelash tinting is essentially a dye job for your lashes. Some facilities also perform an eyelash lift, which is like a perm that gives your lashes more curl. Your lashes are colored and curled to perfection, and then you have 6-8 weeks of darker, more defined lashes with little or no maintenance required. Unlike extensions, you may still want to use mascara after eyelash tinting.

While this service will not necessarily affect your lash volume, it does boost their tone and definition. The end result is typically less dramatic than extensions for this reason. If you have short or thin lashes, you may require the extra volume from extensions. Both services take roughly the same amount of time to complete, and extensions are approximately the same price as a tint and lift combination.

If lash extensions sound like the beauty solution for you, contact Caroline’s Lash Boutique today and schedule an appointment for professional application!

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Can I Get Lash Extensions If I Wear Glasses?

So, can you get eyelash extensions if you wear glasses? The answer is a resounding yes!

One of the problems many women run into when they wear glasses is mascara rubbing off on the lenses. This is one reason why lash extensions can actually offer even more added perks for eyeglass wearers!

Rather than applying multiple coats of mascara in the mornings and dealing with smudges all day long, consider investing in a beautiful set of lash extensions. Extensions are an affordable and convenient way to sport luscious lashes around the clock. Your eyes will look bigger, brighter, and will “pop” even when you’re wearing your glasses.

Will the Eyelash Extensions Brush the Lenses of My Glasses?

A good tip is to take your glasses with you to your lash extension appointment. This way, you can see if length will be an issue before the full set of extensions is applied. Your stylist will be able to customize a set of lashes that will suit your style of glasses. For example, they may choose to use lash extensions with a more exaggerated upward curl so they steer clear of your lenses, giving you the comfortable and natural feel you desire!

Are Contacts an Option?

If you are still concerned about whether your lash extensions will be compatible with your eyeglasses, you might consider wearing contact lenses. While contact lenses shouldn’t be worn while the extensions are being applied, once they’ve set, pop them in and you won’t have to worry about lenses potentially obstructing your voluminous new set.

Trust Your Stylist

Getting eyelash extensions when you wear glasses is not as tricky as it might seem. Your Caroline’s Lash Boutique stylist has your back. We are happy to answer any questions, offer tips, and take any concerns or requests into consideration.

Ultimately, we want you to end up with a set of lashes you are pleased with! We’re here to help you embrace and enhance your beauty. Glasses or no glasses, we’re confident you’ll love the gorgeous, luxurious look of your lash extensions.

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5 Things Beginners May Not Know About Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an ideal semi-permanent beauty treatment for those who want dramatic eyes and lashes. Applying false lashes at home can give an artificial feel. Investing in professionally applied lash extensions can give you a stunning look that feels perfectly natural. While supermodels and actresses have relied on this beauty secret for years, these days, people of all ages and professions are opting for eyelash extensions.

If you haven’t yet been in for an appointment, here are a few points you may be surprised to learn:

1. The skill of your eyelash artist matters. Eyelash extensions come in a variety of lengths, colors, and materials. Depending on the look you’re going for, the length and strength of your natural lashes, and your complexion, the artist installing your lashes can guide you toward the right extensions.

2. You can get real or synthetic lashes. For instance, lashes made from real mink fur can provide a 100% natural and authentic appearance. They also tend to be lighter than synthetics, giving your lashes a feathery end look. Synthetic lashes are ideal for those who prefer to avoid animal-sourced fibers. They also tend to be slightly more budget-friendly than mink versions.

3. Lash extensions are attached to your existing lashes. Your artist will carefully attach individual extensions to your existing natural lashes, one lash at a time. This meticulous process ensures a mess-free and seamless end product.

4. It may be a good idea to treat your existing lashes before getting extensions. Because lash extensions add weight, if your lashes are very short or fragile, you may want to pre-treat them with a strengthening serum before your artist adds your extensions.

5. You really won’t need mascara. Lash extensions can give you the length, curl, and tone you’ve been dreaming of, without the need to paint on mascara every time you leave the house. In some cases, using mascara can actually damage your extensions and reduce their useful lifespan. On average, they last a month with little maintenance or upkeep, and you won’t have to worry about your mascara running throughout the day.

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5 Eye Makeup Trends to Pair with Your Lash Extensions

Know this: you’re already beautiful when bare-faced. But it’s fun to play with makeup, and it can be especially fun when your lashes are already on point. Try these trending techniques to top off the look!

1. Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner, also known as the cat eye, is a simple and timeless look that can add depth and drama, and glam to your eyes. Once you’ve mastered the winged technique, it’s easy to make it your own. Apply a subtle wing at the outer corner of your lashline for minimalist glam, or drag out the length of your cat-eye to for a bold statement. Either method will draw focus toward your eyes — and, of course, to your fabulously full lashes!

2. Full brows

Full brows are in full force this season… and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. There are many options to pump up your natural brow volume, including professional tinting, brow filler kits, and tinted brow pomade. The key is to use products that complement your skin tone and hair color, just as you would with blush or lipstick shades.

3. Shimmer

Shimmer can range from light luminescent powder to fun and bold eye glitter. It all depends on the occasion and your preferences! Current glitter trends are taking a more refined approach, such as a simple line of liquid glitter liner or a light dusting just underneath the lower lashline before a big event or party.

4. Mattes and metallics

Because you won’t need to wear mascara with your extensions, eyeshadow and eyeliner are going to be your lashes’ next best friends. Both matte textures and metallic shades have their place. Copper is a gorgeous option when going for a smokey eye (especially for people with brown or hazel eyes), or you can pair a matte lid with a touch of metallic along the lower lashes.

5. Bare or nude tones

If you prefer to go au naturale, you can do so while still achieving a pop of dimension with your lash extensions! Alternatively, keep things simple and subtle by blending a peach-toned shadow to create just a touch of rosiness.

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