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Category Archives: Perks of Lash Extensions

Whether you struggle with short, sparse eyelashes, simply hate putting on mascara everyday, or you want a glamorous look, there are several perks of lash extensions. These posts will explain more about eyelash extensions and how they can totally benefit and boost your look!

6 Ways Eyelash Extensions Make Your Life Easier

Eyelash extensions streamline your daily beauty routine, saving you time in the mornings and before events. With nothing more than a short appointment every few weeks, you can revolutionize your look and boost confidence about your appearance. Here are six of our favorite ways that eyelash extensions simplify life.

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The Difference Between Eyelash Extensions and Tinting

Are you craving longer, thicker eyelashes? Over time, lashes become naturally thinner and the growth cycle starts to slow. Mascara can help, but even the most high-end options only offer short-term benefits and require daily application.

If you’d prefer a longer-term solution, you may want to consider either eyelash extensions or eyelash tinting. While these two services offer different perks, they can each make lashes appear thicker and darker… for much longer than your average mascara.

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Can I Get Lash Extensions If I Wear Glasses?

So, can you get eyelash extensions if you wear glasses? The answer is a resounding yes!

One of the problems many women run into when they wear glasses is mascara rubbing off on the lenses. This is one reason why lash extensions can actually offer even more added perks for eyeglass wearers!

Rather than applying multiple coats of mascara in the mornings and dealing with smudges all day long, consider investing in a beautiful set of lash extensions. Extensions are an affordable and convenient way to sport luscious lashes around the clock. Your eyes will look bigger, brighter, and will “pop” even when you’re wearing your glasses.

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5 Things Beginners May Not Know About Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an ideal semi-permanent beauty treatment for those who want dramatic eyes and lashes. Applying false lashes at home can give an artificial feel. Investing in professionally applied lash extensions can give you a stunning look that feels perfectly natural. While supermodels and actresses have relied on this beauty secret for years, these days, people of all ages and professions are opting for eyelash extensions.

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5 Eye Makeup Trends to Pair with Your Lash Extensions

Know this: you’re already beautiful when bare-faced. But it’s fun to play with makeup, and it can be especially fun when your lashes are already on point. Try these trending techniques to top off the look!

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