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Not sure how to prep for a special occasion? Struggling with an age-old beauty trick? We have all kinds of ideas to help you achieve the awesome look you deserve. Check out some of these blog tips for all kinds of beauty tips and techniques.

Tips For Lasting Lash Extensions

Now that your lashes have reached new heights, it’s time to step out into the world to show off your bold look! Once you’ve left Caroline’s Lash Boutique, it’s important to maintain proper care of your extensions to keep them luminous long after your appointment. Here are some crucial tips for lash extension care:

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Halloween Costume Ideas Where Lashes are a Must!

The spooky, crazy be-costumed time of year is here, and there are so many costumes that could be oh-so-much better with eyelash extensions. We did some brainstorming, and thought of several categories and specific Halloween costume ideas which, if you’re doing them, should totally include extensions…

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Eyelash Extensions vs. False Lashes

If you often buy false eyelashes at the drugstore before special occasions, it’s time to upgrade! Eyelash extensions offer a longer lasting and higher quality option to those cheap drugstore varieties. At Caroline’s Lash Boutique, we offer the best in Seattle eyelash extension services so that you can rid yourself of sticky, tricky fake lashes and live life bolder! Here are five differences between professional and false eyelashes!

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Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas

What are you going to be for Halloween? As us ladies know, no costume is complete without the right makeup to go with it. Don’t fret if you’ve procrastinated on putting together the perfect costume— the magic of makeup is here to help! Whether you want to be your favorite childhood character or something super scary, the right makeup can transform you into virtually anything with little costume necessary. Come into Caroline’s Lash Boutique before fright night to add some length to your lashes.

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Eyelash Styles from the Runway

We can’t help but obsess over all the Fashion Week madness happening in New York right now, especially when it comes to eye makeup! Beautiful lashes will always be in style, especially on the runway. At Caroline’s Lash Boutique, we offer the best in Seattle eyelash extension services.

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