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Not sure how to prep for a special occasion? Struggling with an age-old beauty trick? We have all kinds of ideas to help you achieve the awesome look you deserve. Check out some of these blog tips for all kinds of beauty tips and techniques.

Spring Makeup Tips for 2018

As you get ready to cruise into spring this year, ditch your wintry makeup routine and dazzle with a light, fresh look that’s more appropriate in the warmer months. Below are some tips from beauty professionals in the industry. Take what works for you and have fun creating a new look!

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How Often to Replace Beauty Products

Unlike food products, which are clearly labeled with expiration dates, beauty products can often expire without consumers realizing it. Skin care products, especially those with active ingredients like retinol, can become less effective the longer you have them. The makeup you’re putting on your face, such as mascara, could also age to a point where the pigments fade or the product causes irritation.

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Your Holiday Beauty (and Lash) Guide

The transition into autumn also signals that it’s time to transition your look accordingly. As the leaves change and temperatures drop, we must pull our sweaters and boots from the back of the closet. In addition to a wardrobe change, it’s also a good idea to tweak your skincare and makeup routines as fall and winter set in. Not only will you be more comfortable and weather-ready — you’ll also have the opportunity to have some holiday-specific fun with your beauty regimen… the kind that only rolls around once a year!

Here are a few special beauty tips to keep in mind as you embrace the seasonal spirit from Halloween all the way into the New Year.

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A Summer Bride’s Guide to a Flawless Face

As you know if you’re planning a summer wedding or have recently received a sudden influx of save-the-dates, peak wedding season runs from June through September. The most in-demand months for venue and service bookings are June and September, with July and August trailing closely behind.

While a lush springtime, whimsical autumn, or fairy-tale winter ceremony can be just as magical, it’s hard to resist the allure of summer nuptials. Weather is typically predictable, which reduces the chance of planning curveballs and makes guest travel more straightforward. In mild climates, outdoor weddings are less likely to be rained out. However, summer heat and humidity should be considered when deciding on your bridal look.

Don’t fret over sweat, smudges, and style blunders — enjoy every minute of your wedding day by using the following makeup tips as a starting point. Bonus: These tips aren’t exclusively for brides; they can also apply to bridesmaids and guests!

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5 Eye Makeup Trends to Pair with Your Lash Extensions

Know this: you’re already beautiful when bare-faced. But it’s fun to play with makeup, and it can be especially fun when your lashes are already on point. Try these trending techniques to top off the look!

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