Lash extensions are at the center of the lives of the ladies at Caroline’s Lash Boutique, and that kind of day-to-day interaction with something leads to a lot of knowledge! This is our complete guide to eyelash extensions, which we’re sharing so that you can become an expert about this  beauty treatment, too.

History of False Eyelashes

For centuries, women have been augmenting their looks with makeup, hair removal, wigs, and a variety of beauty treatments and techniques. Eyes have been a particular focus, as the windows to the soul and one of the most expressive and personality-rich feature of a woman’s appearance. In Ancient Egypt, women would darken the area around their eyes with a black cosmetic called kohl, and today, women use all kinds of eye makeup products to bring more color, depth, texture and attitude to their eyes.

False eyelashes have their own history in the world of beauty products, since long, thick eyelashes have been considered beautiful and feminine for centuries. As far back as the 1800s, women’s fashion magazines and books would advise on methods to lengthen one’s eyelashes, from trimming in order to encourage growth to recipes for pomade treatments. Parisian beauties in the 1880s went so far as to sew hair into their eyelids!

Seena Owen in "Intolerance".

Seena Owen in “Intolerance”. Photo source: Wikipedia Commons.

Luckily, painless false eyelashes were invented in the early 1900s when stylist Karl Nessler came up with a method of weaving fake eyelashes and eyebrows. He patented his idea in the U.K. and sold the cosmetics from his London salon. A woman named Anna Taylor patented her version of false eyelashes in the United States in 1911, and five years later, false eyelashes became a popular beauty trend when they were worn by actress Seena Owen in D.W. Griffith’s film Intolerance (a neat side note, Seena was born and raised in Spokane, WA!).

Methods for making and applying false eyelashes continued to develop through the 20th century, with advanced design styles for more variety. Early in the 21st century, the method of applying eyelash extensions one-by-one was invented in Japan or Korea (no one is really sure). These eyelash extensions felt and looked more natural and lasted longer, so they became really popular with celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. Then everyone else wanted lash extensions so that they could look like the stars, and since the beauty treatment was an accessible price, they got them!

Caroline of Caroline’s Lash Boutique was one of the very first (if not the first) beauty business owners to bring eyelash extension services to Seattle. Today, eyelash extensions are a common beauty service on the menus at salons and spas. But Caroline’s Lash Boutique focuses on eyelash extensions, alone.  

About Modern Eyelash Extensions

Although you can still find panels of temporary false eyelashes at the drugstore and costume shops, the lashes we use to enhance our day-to-day beauty or special occasion look are applied individually in a salon/spa setting by an experienced professional.

Eyelash extensions are made from a variety of materials including synthetic silk, polyester, human hair, and Siberian mink fur. At Caroline’s Lash Boutique, we only use synthetic mink and real mink. All of these materials are lightweight, which means they are comfortable and feel natural.

You can get eyelash extensions in almost any style, color, or amount of curl. Salons like Caroline’s will often allow you to purchase additional sets of extensions to make your look even more bold. We offer three different sets of lash extensions, from Flirty to Glamorous.


The Application Process

Drugstore false lashes are applied with a tiny strip of tape or sticky material that usually won’t last more than a few hours. These are fun and inexpensive accessories for a costume party or outlandish event, but they are not designed for the long term or everyday as you sweat, shower, swim, etc. Alternatively, eyelash extensions are individually attached to your natural eyelashes using a medical grade adhesive, so that they stay on until your eyelashes fall out naturally.

After selecting your lash extension set, your professional lash extension stylist will have you recline on a chair or cushioned table so that she can easily access your eye area. There will be small pads to be placed beneath your eyes to facilitate the application process. The stylist will then apply each extension hair-by-hair to your existing natural eyelashes. As you probably expect, this takes awhile to complete!


Why Should You Get Eyelash Extensions?

Aside from the obvious reason to get eyelash extensions (they enhance your beauty), there are several benefits of eyelash extensions:

    • Save time. Your typical daily beauty regimen probably includes a few mandatory items that you must apply before leaving the house, such as mascara. But what if you could roll out of bed and go after spending only a few short minutes in front of the mirror? Eyelash extensions eliminate the need for mascara, so that you can save a ton of time.
    • Cost-effective beauty. Women spend an average of $15,000 on beauty products throughout their lives, with almost $4,000 spent on mascara alone. With eyelash extensions, you can save on that cost as well as other beauty products, since your all-natural (plus lashes) look is effortlessly beautiful.
    • Customizable look. With so many styles, colors, and levels of glamour with eyelash extension options, your lashes can be totally tailored to the look and style you want.
  • Long-lasting advantages. You can enjoy all of the above benefits of lash extensions for several weeks

Now that you know the general advantages of eyelash extensions, here are some of the best reasons to get eyelash extensions:

    • Everyday luxe. Eyelash extensions are most commonly worn by women who want to augment their natural beauty. The result is definitely longer, thicker eyelashes that look like they might be your natural ones.
    • Special occasions. Lots of ladies come to us for lash extensions ahead of a special event where they want to look their absolute best. Common events are prom and weddings, but a special night out is just as good an excuse!
    • Costumes. Halloween is a busy time for eyelash extensions, since they add so much to that Marilyn Monroe or cat costume. For themed parties or holiday glam, don’t skip the eyelash extensions!
  • Pampering. We all deserve a little bit of this, and it’s important to feel good about how you look! Eyelash extensions can give you that extra confidence boost to be your beautiful self.

Tips for Caring for Lash Extensions

Although they definitely save you a ton of time getting ready in the morning, you do need to follow some special methods of caring for your lash extensions and tweak your skincare regimen a little bit so that they last as long as possible. First and foremost, avoid getting your new lash extensions wet for 24 hours after application, and avoid swimming and saunas for 48 hours.

For ongoing care, make sure your makeup remover is not oil-based or creamy, as these substances can weaken the bond of the adhesive holding your extensions onto your lashes. Never use an eyelash curler, and don’t perm or tint your lash extensions. If you want to glam up your look with mascara, only use a water-based type and stay away from regular and waterproof mascara. Try not to rub your eyes too hard and don’t attempt to pull your extensions off, because you’ll probably pull your natural lash out too, and it’s painful!

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