Keep those fluttery lashes longer with excellent at-home care!

Like many other types of beauty pick-me-ups (think new hair color!), the amount of effort you put into the maintenance is key to keeping the beauty alive longer.

It’s true that eyelash extensions cost more than a tube of mascara, but, when properly cared for, they can actually save you a lot of money.

Although caring for eye lash extensions is different than caring for natural lashes, the process is actually simpler. You no longer want to bother with mascara and eyelash curlers. Eyelash extensions are the quick and easy way to achieve stunning eyelashes. Many women find that once they try eye lash extensions, they never want to go back!

Here’s a quick list of tips to preserve those beautiful lashes between touch-ups:

1.    Avoid moisture for the first 24 hours

Water or even steam can loosen the glue, causing extensions to clump together or even fall off. If you’re not sure, it’s always best to wait. Humid environments such as the sauna or steam room are also a no-no. Even jogging, and working out is ill advised. You want your eyelash extensions to form a strong bond with your real lashes.

2.    Put Your Mascara Away

It is not recommended to use mascara on your lash extensions. Most brands of mascara contain chemicals and oils that will break down the adhesive.  Removing mascara from your lashes can cause the extensions to fall off prematurely as well. A specially formulated eyelash extension mascara for coating your extensions can be used if you want to further enhance your lash extensions.

3.    Never Use a Clamp-style Eyelash Curler

This can permanently damage not only the extensions, but your natural eyelashes as well.  On the other hand, eyelash combs are great for grooming your lashes every morning.

4.    Don’t rub your eyes

It is important not to rub your eyes or pull at your lashes. This will drastically reduce the lifespan of your extensions. Naturally, this bad habit isn’t great for natural eyelashes either.

5.    Sleeping on your Back

The best sleeping position is on your back to avoid persistent contact with your pillow. As long lasting as eyelash extensions are, side sleeping can cause uneven folds and gaps with false lashes. Do your best to form a habit of sleeping on your back.

6.    Use a Sealant

Lash sealers are specifically made to strengthen the adhesive bonding between your own natural lashes and eyelash extensions. The use of sealers can actually reduce the need for frequent lash refills. Simply apply the coating once a day to fuse the synthetic lash with your own lashes. Lash sealer also helps in preventing hair tangles, and will give your lashes a glossy and shiny effect.

With proper care and maintenance, you’ll typically on need a touch-up once every 2 to 4 weeks to replace the lashes that have shed.