So, can you get eyelash extensions if you wear glasses? The answer is a resounding yes!

One of the problems many women run into when they wear glasses is mascara rubbing off on the lenses. This is one reason why lash extensions can actually offer even more added perks for eyeglass wearers!

Rather than applying multiple coats of mascara in the mornings and dealing with smudges all day long, consider investing in a beautiful set of lash extensions. Extensions are an affordable and convenient way to sport luscious lashes around the clock. Your eyes will look bigger, brighter, and will “pop” even when you’re wearing your glasses.

Will the Eyelash Extensions Brush the Lenses of My Glasses?

A good tip is to take your glasses with you to your lash extension appointment. This way, you can see if length will be an issue before the full set of extensions is applied. Your stylist will be able to customize a set of lashes that will suit your style of glasses. For example, they may choose to use lash extensions with a more exaggerated upward curl so they steer clear of your lenses, giving you the comfortable and natural feel you desire!

Are Contacts an Option?

If you are still concerned about whether your lash extensions will be compatible with your eyeglasses, you might consider wearing contact lenses. While contact lenses shouldn’t be worn while the extensions are being applied, once they’ve set, pop them in and you won’t have to worry about lenses potentially obstructing your voluminous new set.

Trust Your Stylist

Getting eyelash extensions when you wear glasses is not as tricky as it might seem. Your Caroline’s Lash Boutique stylist has your back. We are happy to answer any questions, offer tips, and take any concerns or requests into consideration.

Ultimately, we want you to end up with a set of lashes you are pleased with! We’re here to help you embrace and enhance your beauty. Glasses or no glasses, we’re confident you’ll love the gorgeous, luxurious look of your lash extensions.