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How Often to Replace Beauty Products

Unlike food products, which are clearly labeled with expiration dates, beauty products can often expire without consumers realizing it. Skin care products, especially those with active ingredients like retinol, can become less effective the longer you have them. The makeup you’re putting on your face, such as mascara, could also age to a point where the pigments fade or the product causes irritation.

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Your Holiday Beauty (and Lash) Guide

The transition into autumn also signals that it’s time to transition your look accordingly. As the leaves change and temperatures drop, we must pull our sweaters and boots from the back of the closet. In addition to a wardrobe change, it’s also a good idea to tweak your skincare and makeup routines as fall and winter set in. Not only will you be more comfortable and weather-ready — you’ll also have the opportunity to have some holiday-specific fun with your beauty regimen… the kind that only rolls around once a year!

Here are a few special beauty tips to keep in mind as you embrace the seasonal spirit from Halloween all the way into the New Year.

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6 Ways Eyelash Extensions Make Your Life Easier

Eyelash extensions streamline your daily beauty routine, saving you time in the mornings and before events. With nothing more than a short appointment every few weeks, you can revolutionize your look and boost confidence about your appearance. Here are six of our favorite ways that eyelash extensions simplify life.

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What to Know About Your Natural Eyelash Life Cycle

Thick, long, fluttering lashes have become the latest beauty accessory — one we can certainly get behind here at Caroline’s Lash Boutique! However, eyelashes are so much more than the finishing touch to your flirty look. They serve a critical everyday purpose: to protect our eyes from anything that could cause damage, especially airborne particles such as dust or sand. For this reason, above all, it’s important to keep your natural set both beautiful and healthy!

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The Difference Between Eyelash Extensions and Tinting

Are you craving longer, thicker eyelashes? Over time, lashes become naturally thinner and the growth cycle starts to slow. Mascara can help, but even the most high-end options only offer short-term benefits and require daily application.

If you’d prefer a longer-term solution, you may want to consider either eyelash extensions or eyelash tinting. While these two services offer different perks, they can each make lashes appear thicker and darker… for much longer than your average mascara.

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