As you know if you’re planning a summer wedding or have recently received a sudden influx of save-the-dates, peak wedding season runs from June through September. The most in-demand months for venue and service bookings are June and September, with July and August trailing closely behind.

While a lush springtime, whimsical autumn, or fairy-tale winter ceremony can be just as magical, it’s hard to resist the allure of summer nuptials. Weather is typically predictable, which reduces the chance of planning curveballs and makes guest travel more straightforward. In mild climates, outdoor weddings are less likely to be rained out. However, summer heat and humidity should be considered when deciding on your bridal look.

Don’t fret over sweat, smudges, and style blunders — enjoy every minute of your wedding day by using the following makeup tips as a starting point. Bonus: These tips aren’t exclusively for brides; they can also apply to bridesmaids and guests!

Lash extensions: Your bridal beauty best friend

The dreaded raccoon eye is never a good look, but it’s especially undesirable on your special day. Unfortunately, mascara starts to run sooner in hot and humid conditions, leaving you with bare lashes and smudged lower lids long before the celebration is over. Beyond this weather-induced makeup faux pas, mascara does not typically hold up to tears — and emotions are likely to run high at any wedding! Even some waterproof mascara can run (though to a lesser degree) or clump up when it comes into contact with moisture.

The good news is that you can enjoy voluminous lashes and avoid all of these concerns by opting for eyelash extensions!

High-quality extensions are applied to each individual natural lash for an authentic and seamless finish that lasts 4-6 weeks (depending on your own lash life cycle). A good professional boutique will customize your choice of imitation or real mink extensions to achieve your desired length, volume, curl, and tone. Once applied, simply follow basic care instructions and enjoy… no mascara or eyelash curlers required!

We suggest starting with a trial run a couple weeks before the big day to troubleshoot potential allergic reactions and ensure you’re satisfied with the style. Once you and your stylist have found the perfect set, schedule your appointment 3-7 days prior to your wedding date. Your lashes must be kept dry for at least 2 days, otherwise the adhesive will not cure properly.

When it’s time to embark on the honeymoon after saying “I do,” take care to immediately rinse off your lashes with fresh water after taking a dip in a chlorinated pool, jacuzzi, or saltwater to prevent damage and maintain durability.

Finally, finish off your eye makeup look with eyeshadow primer, long-wearing shadow, a brow kit, and waterproof liquid or cake eyeliner. You’ll be looking sultry yet sweet from your photo session to the ceremony and beyond!

Keep oil in check

Stick to strictly oil-free products when prepping the skin, including oil-free moisturizer, primer, and foundation. If your skin isn’t dry or flaky, you may even consider skipping the moisturizer today to prevent unnecessary slickness. Use an oil-free primer to smooth out skin tone and texture, combat shine, and give your makeup more staying power.

Especially if you’ll be outside for any portion of the event, make sure at least one product (moisturizer, primer, or foundation) includes SPF 30 or higher. If you’ll be outside for a significant amount of time, apply some additional oil-free sunscreen to your face, neck, chest, ears, and any other exposed areas.

Though everyone loves a subtle dewy glow, if you have naturally oily skin or want to control excess shine, finish with a gentle dusting of sheer matifying powder.

Don’t break a sweat

Summer weather usually brings sunshine and blue skies — the ideal combo for any outdoor event. But the season also carries greater potential for glaring heat, sticky humidity, and high temperatures in the 80s, 90s, or 100s. After spending so much time planning and creating the perfect wedding day look, the last thing you want is to sweat off your makeup or pair your white dress with a throbbing sunburn. Plus, you want to make sure your guests are comfortable!

If your wedding is indoors, air conditioning and electric fans make it easy to maintain a comfortable climate. Outdoor summer weddings and photo sessions present some unique challenges.

During an outdoor photo session, carry a personal umbrella to dodge direct sunlight between shots. Also bring a small portable fan (battery-operated or an old-school hand fan) for quick cool-downs.

At an outdoor ceremony or reception, incorporate decor that doubles as a shady refuge. A covered archway draped with ribbons or linens and spruced up with florals can serve as a beautiful yet useful focal point above the happy couple and the officiator. A stylish canopy or strategically placed umbrellas can offer coverage above the guest seating area. Alternatively, provide guests with individual umbrellas (paper parasols are both economical and adorable!) and fans. Simply leave one of each at every seat or enlist a greeter to pass them out at the entrance.

Maintain the look

Even with a complete regimen of proactive methods to prevent shine and keep makeup fresh, you may need to touch up as the party winds on. Before the big day, put together a small and portable touch-up kit. Ask a bridesmaid, family member, or friend to keep it handy for routine maintenance and beauty emergencies. Your unique needs may vary, but here are a few kit makeup content ideas:

    • Blotting sheets to dab away oil and sweat buildup
    • Setting spray to lock in your makeup or refresh your look
    • Powder compact with mirror
    • Lipstick and liner (you’ll likely need to refresh both after your first married kiss or cutting the wedding cake!)
    • Eyeliner, shadow, brow pencils, concealer, or any other products you used (in case reapplication is needed)
  • Q-tips (for reapplying makeup or carefully removing smudges)

Of course, you won’t need to worry about mascara, as your lashes will stay picture-perfect no matter what your summer wedding throws at you.

Best beauty wishes to all you beautiful summer brides!

Photos: A Caroline’s Lash Boutique bridal client on her big day