Eyelash extensions are an ideal semi-permanent beauty treatment for those who want dramatic eyes and lashes. Applying false lashes at home can give an artificial feel. Investing in professionally applied lash extensions can give you a stunning look that feels perfectly natural. While supermodels and actresses have relied on this beauty secret for years, these days, people of all ages and professions are opting for eyelash extensions.

If you haven’t yet been in for an appointment, here are a few points you may be surprised to learn:

1. The skill of your eyelash artist matters. Eyelash extensions come in a variety of lengths, colors, and materials. Depending on the look you’re going for, the length and strength of your natural lashes, and your complexion, the artist installing your lashes can guide you toward the right extensions.

2. You can get real or synthetic lashes. For instance, lashes made from real mink fur can provide a 100% natural and authentic appearance. They also tend to be lighter than synthetics, giving your lashes a feathery end look. Synthetic lashes are ideal for those who prefer to avoid animal-sourced fibers. They also tend to be slightly more budget-friendly than mink versions.

3. Lash extensions are attached to your existing lashes. Your artist will carefully attach individual extensions to your existing natural lashes, one lash at a time. This meticulous process ensures a mess-free and seamless end product.

4. It may be a good idea to treat your existing lashes before getting extensions. Because lash extensions add weight, if your lashes are very short or fragile, you may want to pre-treat them with a strengthening serum before your artist adds your extensions.

5. You really won’t need mascara. Lash extensions can give you the length, curl, and tone you’ve been dreaming of, without the need to paint on mascara every time you leave the house. In some cases, using mascara can actually damage your extensions and reduce their useful lifespan. On average, they last a month with little maintenance or upkeep, and you won’t have to worry about your mascara running throughout the day.