• At Work

No matter how good your mascara is, all women seem to end up with black smudges under their eyes at the end of the day. Whether you’re staring at a computer screen or waiting tables, your eyes work hard every day, just like you—mascara isn’t going to keep up, but our extensions can!

  • The Beach

If you want to hit the beach, you usually have to choose between wearing no make-up and getting long black streaks down your face after you go for a swim. With our extensions, you can come out of the water looking beautiful, natural, and totally streak-free. So why not dive in?

  • The Movies

One of the best parts of watching a movie is the emotional journey it takes you on, and sometimes following that feeling can lead to some unexpected crocodile tears. If you have a date planned and you don’t want to ruin your make-up at the big scene, try our extensions! They’re totally cry-proof.

  • The Gym

Sometimes it feels like you always meet new people or run into the people you already know at the place you often look your worst: the gym. You may be covered in sweat and wearing a baggy T-shirt, but at least you can be confident that your eyelashes look fabulous while you exercise! So go on, why not give the cutie on the rowing machine a little wink.

  • Your Bed

Perhaps the place you’ll be most grateful for your lash extensions is when you’re in your bed asleep! Extensions let you snooze a little longer in the morning because they cut down on your make-up routine. And you can count on looking lustrous from the second you wake up!