Are you tired of wrestling with false eyelashes in the morning? Do you wish you could have longer yet natural-looking lashes? For many who desire dramatic lashes, lash extensions are the best one-stop solution. When carefully applied in a professional salon, individual lash extensions are adhered to your natural lashes in a manner that won’t damage your actual lashes. As long as you go back in for touch ups every three to four weeks, these extensions can be maintained for up to three months. When it comes time to choose the right extensions for you, mink lashes are one of the most luxurious and natural-looking options.

1. Mink lashes are all-natural. Mink lashes are completely natural, soft, dark, and lightly curled. Because mink is a naturally occurring fur, it blends beautifully with natural lashes. Mink extensions are pre-treated before arrival to ensure cleanliness and curl. Real mink lashes give a more natural look to your extensions, as each lash is a different length.  

2. Mink lashes offer a glamorous, full look. Between the way they are styled and their careful application, mink lashes can give your lashes a sultry, glamorous look. Because of minor variations in length and color, they look as natural as your real lashes. When they are professionally applied, people generally will not be able to tell they are false. Even the nicest home lash extensions can be quickly spotted as fake by untrained eyes, but mink extensions give you full lashes easily.

3. Synthetic mink lashes are also available. Of course, not everyone likes the idea of using real mink fur. There are also synthetic mink lashes available, which seek to duplicate the color, texture, and curve of mink lashes without supporting the fur trade or aggravating those with fur allergies. There are several exceptional options, as mink has become the gold standard to imitate.

4. Mink lashes are lightweight. Because they are such light, natural hairs, mink lashes don’t weigh down your natural lashes when applied. This makes them feel and look light, feathery, and more natural.

5. Mink lashes are naturally dark. When these beauties are applied to your lashes, you won’t need to slather on the mascara to get that dark, voluminous, feathery look. There’s a reason they’re popping up on celebrities and beauty icons.

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