Got a hot date and want to knock his socks off? Go all out diva and request our “Glamour Set” for that over-the-top bold and glamorous look! If your feeling more humble, go with our “Signature Set” to add beautifully natural definition to your eyes. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to love the effortless charm that lash extensions bestows upon you…and your date!

1.    The Flirt

This is a very natural look that will add a little length and thickness to your natural lashes. Think of it like mascara without the hassle of applying it every day. This is great option for people with finer lashes. With different lengths to choose from, you can still get the volume that is soft and natural looking for day-to-day wear.

2.    The Signature

This style is slightly fuller than the Flirt style. It is cross between a very natural look and a diva “glam” fuller style. A great choice for people who would normally wear a lot of mascara during the day, slightly thicker lashes are blended with finer, thinner lashes to create more definition along the lash line. This creates great length and volume.

3.    The Glam

Daring and bold, this is the style to choose for the extra something special. The lash extensions used for this are much more than our other styles. Glam lashes work best on people with naturally thicker lashes. A great choice for a special occasion – the extra impact really makes your eyes stand out!

4.    The Mink

This is a style similar to the Signature above, but we use lash extensions made from real mink fur. This creates a beautiful feathery look that is very elegant and natural. Mink eyelash extension lashes are very flexible & lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your eyes. But, you’ll have that look of sophistication.

5.    The Custom

Your stylist will customize your lash extension application by adding different lengths, volume, and curls that add sparkle you’ve always dreamt of having naturally.

Eyelash extensions designed to give you the look you want, your personal set of eyelash extensions will make you feel pretty and put together when you step out of bed in the morning!