Caroline of Caroline's Lash Boutique


Owner / Lash Stylist / Esthetician

I think everyone’s eyes are different, and every set of lashes are unique. With passion to provide my customers with the most comfortable & natural looking lash extensions, I treat every set of lashes as a master piece that is custom made for that individual.

As an old saying “The eyes are the window to the soul”, I believe extended lashes should extend your natural beauty! However, there’s also ways to have fun with it!

I formed Caroline’s in 2012 and have been exclusively specializing in the art of eyelash extensions. With the team of experts in lashing and the beauty industry who strive to be the best with passion, Caroline’s continue to grow as a team, continue to be the “go to place in Seattle for lashes”!

Maria of Carolin's Lash Boutique


Ballard Manager / Lash Stylist / Licensed Esthetician

Maria is the manager at our Ballard Boutique. Prior to joining the team at Caroline’s, she worked in the medical field for several years. She obtained her Washington Esthetic License and the Lash Artist Certification in 2010. Since then she has been continuing to learn advanced lashing techniques as well as the latest trend – Volume Lash Techniques. Her skills and experiences in hair transplanting has made her so knowledgeable with hair and excellent at lashing. Maria is also proficient with lash and brow tinting, as well as facial waxing, and brow design.

When asked what she enjoys most about being a Master lash stylist at Caroline’s, Maria quickly replied, “ What’s not to enjoy?! I know the customers that come to us are very busy. When they lie down on my table, that might be the only ‘downtime’ they get all day, maybe all week. I have the unique opportunity to pamper someone – and I absolutely LOVE that!” She says “I am doing something I enjoy, with a team that is top notch. That makes it awesome workplace. Besides; lashes make EVERYTHING better!”


Receptionist/ Cosmetologist

Linh is a Cosmetologist herself, she has a huge passion for the beauty industry. She loves to make people feel good through her skills and knowledge in today’s busy life. “I can never begin to explain how good it feels knowing I was making someone’s day better just by doing their hair and making them feel beautiful. The smile on people’s face at the end of the service and the happiness you feel is irreplaceable,” Linh says.

When she is not working as an excellent receptionist work in the boutique, Linh likes to go to the gym, discovering new restaurants and attending local music shows.

She is here to help you with any questions or concerns about our services and scheduling appeasements.

Speak with her today!

Una of Caroline's Lash Boutique


Lash Stylist / Licensed Esthetician

After working as a makeup artist for world-class performance groups like Cirque du Soleil, Una is back to her salon roots as a Lash Artist. When it comes to lashes, Una brings a strong, creative artistic style, but with a focus on finding the perfect stylistic fit for every client’s personal desires. Being a Lash Stylist gives Una the satisfaction of helping clients build confidence with beautiful lashes. Her passion for artistry and creating wonderful client experiences inspires and informs her lash work.

In addition to lash artistry, Una’s professional experience includes five years as a nail designer, four years as a theatrical wig maker, and seven years as a makeup artist. Una has a BFA in fashion design and an MFA in wig and makeup design.


Lash Stylist/ Licensed Esthetician

Kat has had a wide background of odd jobs but has never lost her passion for skin care, which led to a new found passion for lashes. She graduated from Gary Manuel Aveda Institute, then got a certification in oncology esthetics (working with cancer patients), obtained her lash certification and received advanced training at Caroline’s.

“I became an esthetician to educate the world about skin care” she says, “everyone deserves to be pampered!” It’s Kat’s ultimate goal to work with everyone, the healthy and the ailing alike, and she knows that the best saying is “if you look good you feel good” and wants to make all of her clients feel spectacular!